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Kimberley Fisher

Kimberley Fisher must enjoy design because she actually studied it in school— and has worked in the design field ever since. She first learned the in's and out's of the business at the famed design studio of Milton Glaser, Inc. and later worked at Ziff-Davis Publishing, both in New York. Relocating to San Francisco in the mid-80's, she specializes in high-end print and web work for clients like Apple, Delta, APL, Ziff-Davis and Burning Man.

Fisher was unmoved by the Internet when she first tried it in 1978, (you had to be able to type). But she stumbled onto the venerable Mosaic web browser in 1994 and became both obsessed by, and highly skilled at, web site design. One of her early battle cries was "I have seen the future of Big Content!" Fisher thought many early web sites were incoherent and set out to help remake the medium.

At Fisher & Day, her job is to (literally) bridge the gap between Day and Knight, between pure design and pure tech. She knows enough about both to keep them working together tightly. How can design facilitate the use of technology? How can programming solve design and information-handling problems? These are the questions she sets out to answer for each client.

Her responsibilities include print and web project management, production management, designing and coding for the web and programming director. She likes the title "Web Interface Designer".